Welcome to 80:20 Risk Management Limited
Good management of  health  and  safety is  a  vital aspect of  good  overall   business  management.  It  is one of  many  regulatory  risk  areas  that,  as  responsible employers,  your organisation needs  to address. It is not a stand-alone area;  it
is  not a bolt-on to your business, it should be an integral part of normal business operations which adds value to your organisation.

We want to help you run your business more efficiently.   We believe that health and safety should help businesses find
ways of getting  things done, not be a barrier to getting things  done.

80:20 Risk Management Limited is based in central England and offers a wide range of Health & Safety risk management services that add value to your business.

Unlike many other consultants, we do not offer "off the shelf" one-size-fits-all solutions. We know your business is unique
and so we take the time to understand how your business and your people work, in order to make sure that whatever  solution we provide, it is fit for purpose and more importantly, fits your business.